Create a chrome-less Google Chrome Application - with a private browser-data-storage and separate process - of any website.
Tired of re-re-re-re-opening that same website like Harvest, Basecamp, Trello etc. everytime you close the wrong tab?
App it!

App Name
App Url
App Icon (preferably 512x512, must be square)
use URL
Store browser profile in iCloud Drive?

Warning: iCloud Drive usually resides in ~/Library/Mobile Documents. You can verify this by doing:

  1. Open Finder
  2. CMD + SHIFT + G
  3. Type ~/Library/Mobile
  4. Wait a second or two, the location will auto-complete.

If it's NOT ~/Library/Mobile Documents, you will need to edit the path

iCloud folder location~/Library//com~apple~CloudDocs
  1. Generate App
  2. Unpack app.
  3. Rename app (sometimes OSX Adds a '2' to the name)
  4. Run the app - yes, from the downloads folder
  5. Quit the app - yes QUIT, not just close.
  6. Move app to /Applications - the icon should now be visible